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After all a work of art is made by hands not by ideas

Pablo Picasso

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Object: chair

Initial state:

worm-eaten wood, deteriorated upholstery fabric

Work carried out:

anti-woodworm treatment, wood painting, foam coating, resin treatment and upholstered with the selected fabric


Object: Provencal style sofa

Initial state:

spring sofa with peeling paint and worn fabric

Work carried out: sanding of wooden frame, repainting with ivory color enamel, remaking of seat and seatback using foam, coating with velvet and decorative trimmings

Object: sofa

Initial state:

with elastic strap springs

Work carried out:

shaped padding with foam, resin and fabric coating. Set of designer pillows


Oggetto: vintage armchairs

Initial state:

armchair with swivel casters and worn fabric

Work carried out:

removal of old fabric, resin covering, velvety damask fabric upholstering and making of wooden feet


Object: chairs

Initial state:

wooden body

Work carried out: repairing of webbing straps, shaped padding, linen velvet fabric upholstering


Oggetto: bench

Initial state:

smashed through sitting area

Work carried out: removal of  the entire straw sitting area, then remodeled in foam and coated with velvet


Oggetto: chair

Initial state:

tonet to be replaced

Work carried out: Viennese straw dismantling and replaced with wooden panels. Paddling and upholstering. Wood polishing


Object: capitonné armchair

Initial state:

broken seat and frayed arms

Work carried out: webbing straps and arms restoration, Jacquard fabric upholstering


Object: small sofa

Initial state:

worm-eaten wooden, fabric to be replaced

Work carried out: -woodworm treatment, coordinating fabric upholstering


Object: two-seat sofa

Initial state:

deteriorated arms, broken seat, fabric to be replaced

Work carried out: webbing straps and arms restoration, fabric upholstering, hand-sewn backrest


Oggetto: : bedroom with curtain rails

Initial state:

room with no interior blind

Work carried out: tailoring of lightweight solid-colored curtains and front curtains with pattern


Oggetto: small armchair

Initial state:

perforated fabric, broken seat

Work carried out: backrest transformation from capitonnè to classic style, foam replacement, fabric upholstering



Object: chair

Initial state:

leather chair

Work carried out: tailoring of covering for chairs with artisan



Object: decorative curtains

Initial state:

space with curtain rails

Work carried out: tailored vertical awnings


Oggetto: small armchairs

Initial state:

broken backrest and seat

Work carried out: webbing straps restoration, springs replacement, backrest renovation. Upholstering with geometrical pattern fabric


Object: small armchair

Initial state:

old upholstery and broken seat

Work carried out:

anti-woodworm treatment, foam upholstering, resin treatment and silk fabric with velvet floral inserts.

Before and After

Take a look at some of our creations: how they were before and how they look like now!

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